Who could foresee that the small Parisian store founded in 1854, dedicated to crafting travel equipment would one day become the multi-faceted enterprise that, 166 years later, Bernard Arnault, CEP of the LVMH conglomerate, described as the “Microsoft of Luxury.”

It is not always easy to maintain a good balance between tradition and innovation. The trunks and suitcases that were once used for voyages on luxury cruises or trains, today have become collector’s pieces. They reflect a time that has given way to luggage with wheels, more light-weight and practical for the frequent traveler. But the elegance, the excellent craftsmanship in Monogram and Damier canvas items, and the exceptional leather used in 20th century bags and travel equipment, represent a highly cared for worldwide image and reputation.

Time change and the widespread universe of Louis Vuitton bags fans requires that the brand maintains its vanguard personality, in response to the tastes and needs of modern life. This is why each of the Creative Directors that have passed through LV must practice this juggling exercise: keeping faith with tradition and, at the same time, present collections that stand out for their fresh and bold proposals, turning the brand into an obligatory reference point. The 12-year collaboration between Marc Jacobs and the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami is a good example. Other excellent examples were LV’s collaborations with internationally recognized artists like Yayoi Kusama and Jeff Koons.

Since 2013, year that marked Nicolas Ghesquière’s entrance in LV as its Creative Director, the challenge of making good the symbiosis between tradition and innovation has gone far beyond all expectations. The Cruise 2021 collection, named “GAME ON” where elegance and eccentricity  offer us exciting new aesthetic values, playing with the apparent contradiction of a stationary journey. It is a very personal one for Ghesquière as he turns fashion into a game where his past, present and future expectations come together in a explosion of color and passion.

Cruise 21 Collection: “GAME ON!”

“I looked somewhere that has been calling out to me for a long time, somewhere I hadn’t taken the time to go back to. It was like a reset to uncover one inspiration after another, to imagine the next steps and how to create and work within this new context. I took the time to explore my creative identity and prepare the future.”  

Nicolas Ghesquière

 “SINCE 1854” Collection

This collection was launched by LV in honor of its rich history. Ghesquière revamped in reds and blacks the classic “LV” monogram by including the date of the brand’s foundation between the petals in the design’s pattern. The brand’s most iconic models like the Speedy, the Dauphine and the Onthego now show us a new face and have quickly become the must-haves of the moment!

“LV PONT 9” Collection

Without a doubt, this year continues to be complicated and full of uncertainties. However, as in every crisis, this one has also opened us to new opportunities where our creative spirit has taken front stage in many ways. For Louis Vuitton and its Creative Director Ghesquière, it has marked a time of changes and innovations that are present in all of his 2020 collections. The LV Pont 9 collection maintains its undisputed Parisian chic and the brand’s commitment to excellence. It takes its name from the very old and celebrated Pont Neuf that faces Louis Vuitton’s Paris headquarters.

“CRAFTY” Collection

The Crafty Collection presented this year is another brain-child of Ghesquière’s creative and restless ingenuity. He understands that the times demand boldness and color, showing his insistent affirmation of the Parisian joie de vivre. He applies the Crafty designs to all-timers like the Speedy, Neverfull and Keepall, but one of our favorites is the Onthego bag. It has a striking personality and will always be a winner.

Colors change, seasons change, but elegance and practicality ARE TIMELESS!


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