We must be agents of change

       This is the slogan that governs the corporate decisions and sales strategies implemented by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli. Since 1913 Prada has distinguished itself as a fashion icon, first in Milan and later worldwide. The couple, formed by the Prada Group heiress and her husband who is Marketing Director of the firm, represent, without a doubt, the expression of elegance and good taste. Their vision of modern society is unequivocal in the aesthetics, the pragmatic concept and the excellent craftsmanship evident in all of Prada’s products.

       Dissenting from all conventions, Prada takes its inspiration from the arts, cinema and photography. It constantly reviews past luxury codes and creates new concepts meant to empower the modern woman with the self-confidence that our ever-changing times require. In this manner, Prada’s laboratories test new technologies, based on its statement of principles: Through our principles of ethics and actions, we suggest a new way of doing business, incorporating values as essential as the freedom of creative expression, the reinterpretation of what already exists, the preservation of expertise and work value.

Prada Academy

Activities at the Prada Academy are based on the macro-areas of innovation, knowledge and expertise: Craftsmanship, and corporate and retail training. The study of raw materials and in-field exchange with diverse suppliers and people well-informed on the local cultures where Prada is present, making sure the client always receives purchase value.

CBL 1489 Bolso Prada Saffiano Lux
CBL 1547 Bolso Prada Nylon Hibiscus Bag
CBL 1709 Bolso Prada Promenade TU Saffiano Pomice
CBL 1250 Bolso Prada Cahier

Social Responsibility Strategies

         Most luxury brands develop programs of a social nature. It is their way of giving value back to society. This has inspired a healthy competition among them, resulting in important investments in projects that bring to the forefront the necessary equilibrium between their global market profitability and the creative and constructive contributions to mankind’s general wellbeing. 

“A commitment to the sustainable practice of nylon’s future production”.

            When Prada launched its collection of bags crafted in nylon, sales skyrocketed. The firm’s fans applauded its combination of design and practicality. However, Prada is known as a frontier pusher and signed a partnership with ECONYL with the objective of recycling nylon by purifying plastic waste found in the oceans, fishing nets and fabric fibers.

I am thrilled to announce the presentation of our Prada Re-Nylon collection. Our objective is to convert all our virgin nylon products into Re-Nylon by the end of 2021. This project emphasizes our continued effort towards promoting responsible business. The collection will be our contribution to creating products without using natural resources.

Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Marketing Director

       In associating with UNESCO and under the concept of Learn and take Action, Prada will donate a percentage of every Re-Nylon bag sold to the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission with the objective of promoting ocean sustainability awareness and the future impact of the oceans among secondary students in several countries. Its launching is due to take place in September 2020.

                                                              Gianni Bonadonna

The legacy of Gianni Bonadonna, one of the architects of the creation and development of Oncological Medicine in Europe, was the inspiration behind the Prada-Fondazione Bonadonna project. Its goal is to give support to doctors in the research and treatment of cancer. The Programme will allow young oncologists to expand and exchange scientific ideas with hospitals, universities and research centers worldwide.

«…Supporting those who give their life to research and treatment of cancer, the disease of our time, is something we owe to the society…”

Miuccia Prada

            It’s good to know that every time we buy a Prada bag, we are recognizing this firm’s Global Citizen responsibilities.


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