It would be unthinkable to close the blogs dedicated to the Maison Chanel bags without reflecting on its iconic flower. Some say Mlle’s inspiration originated after seeing a representation of Alexandre Dumas Jr. La Dame aux Camélias or by Verdi’s La Traviata. Maybe she was inspired by the fashion of wearing a camellia on the lapel of their jackets imposed by Marcel Proust and his group of dandies, as a symbol of refinement.  But then, it is also said that her preference for this flower began with the bouquet of camellias given to her by her lover and Maecenas, Boy Capel. Which one is the real version? Maybe all three… 

Even though others may have adapted this flower to their particular artistic expression, it was undoubtedly Coco Chanel who adopted it as the ultimate symbol of her Maison. Today, when one sees a camellia, one thinks of Chanel.  Among its many colors, she chose the white one. With ever green leaves, the camellia took its relevant place in Coco’s life. In her private universe on the Rue Cambon, camellias are also present among the delicate Flora representations on the black and gold lacquered Coromandel screens.  These became her pièces de resistance. Chanel’s penchant for them began the moment Boy Capel introduced her to this art form whose name relates to the coast of Coromandel in India, in spite of their Chinese origin. Camellias are revered in the Southeast Asian Region and it’s possible that their perfect symmetry, pure white color and undying beauty complemented Coco’s already evident love for the simple and structured lines of Boy Capel’s blazers.

Throughout the firm’s long creative history, the camellia has been present. Much of its most emblematic jewels was designed by Fulco di Verdura, the talented Italian aristocrat presented to Coco by the composer Cole Porter. Chanel’s jewelry line has definitely been the most prolific in the representation of camellias. Diamonds, strass and the classic Chanel pearls have taken the form of this flower. But it is also to be found in prints, custom jewelry, gowns, pins, belts, handbags, make-up and a long list of other accessories. Changing colors and textures, they are crafted in gold and silver, precious stones, tweeds, exquisite silks, embroideries and marvelous leathers.

Camellias have always played an important part in the collections designed by the long list of Chanel’s creative directors. But without a doubt, it was Karl Lagerfeld who returned the Maison to the place it holds today in the fashion world. Who can forget the marvelous bridal gown, adorned with 2500 camellias that closed his 2005 show.

Our Barcelona showroom has bought and sold many Chanel bags crafted in diverse colors and sizes, in luxurious lambskin, adorned or engraved with camellia patterns. From Shoppers, designed for comfort and practical everyday use, to the ever so trendy mini bags, and the delicate pochettes so necessary for the modern woman’s evenings and grand gala events.

I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.
Coco Chanel

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