If you share our last blog’s suggestions on how to keep an Intelligent Closet (enlace post) and how to ensure that your investment in luxury bags is well protected, let’s look at a few more tips on how to maintain them in optimum conditions. Remember that if you decide to sell your bag (enlace compraventa) at CBL Bags we are experts in making appraisals where we check the status of your luxury bag.
Remember, the price tag may guarantee quality but it’s up to you to apply intelligent care routines, especially if you choose to carry your luxury bags on a daily basis, where they will inevitably be subject to their fair share of wear.

Did you already sort which bags will accompany you throughout the next season? If so, let’s review what your next steps should be.
Use a soft brush to clean the interior of bags you won’t be using. Wipe the exterior with a soft cloth and then proceed to store them in their respective dustbag and box. Remember to store all the extras and be sure to add enough filling so they don’t lose shape. For the larger bags, it’s a good idea to use small pillows, never, never use newspaper because it will transfer ink to the lining.
Remember, if your bags have long chain handles, be sure these are stored inside the bag so that they don’t damage the exterior leather.
Most bags come with a small sachet of silica gel, never throw them away, they’re meant to absorb excess moisture in the air and keep your bag free from mold.
Now you have a pile of Hermès, Chanel and Vuitton boxes, here’s a nice tip on how to identify their contents: take a photo of the bag and stick it to the outside of the box. Don’t use regular tape, remember your box is also of value, use Blu Tack!
So, back to the bags you will be using: If you have a practical walk-in closet but the atmosphere is very damp, try turning on a dehumidifier for a couple of hours at least three time a week. You can also use anti dampness products available in your local drugstores.

Try to distribute your bags in different shelves according to their use: weekend bags; informal city wear; special afternoon events, and finally; those you keep for super gala evenings.
Keep the fillings and extras inside the bags, and these preferably in their dustbags. If you have a few you definitely use daily, you might hang them on a standing coat hanger.

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