Spending time at home is a luxury we seldom permit ourselves. We seem to have so many other priorities. The difficult moments we are living worldwide have made staying home an undeniable priority. So, let’s be creative! There are so many in home activities you can tap into.

And then, of course, you can do that one thing that always keeps slipping down your list of to do’s: organizing your closet and, in particular, your collection of luxury bags. Which to keep? Which to sell? Are your morning, afternoon and evening bag requirements complete and ready for the next Spring-Summer season?

Every one of your bags represents a story shared, so it won’t be an easy feat!

Begin by taking them out of their boxes and dustbags. Place them next to an open window and let them “breathe” for a few hours. Be sure to remove whatever you’ve used as filling so that the interior gets its share of fresh air. Clean the boxes and shake the dustbags. For the bag itself use a soft brush for the lining and a soft cloth for the exterior.

compra venta bolsos

We tend to think luxury handbags come with a lifetime guarantee, keeping their pristine condition season after season. But it’s up to us to ensure they maintain their original look, quality and shape. Without a doubt, your investment in a Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Hermès bag responds to many factors: color, size, are you after the season’s must-have or do you want a “forever” bag that will accompany you throughout your many life cycles and experiences.

compra venta bolsos lujo

When you buy your bag, selling it later on is the furthest thing from your mind, but at CBL Bags experts in buy and sell luxury bags we constantly receive clients that, for a variety of reasons, want to sell us their bags. So, should you someday want to sell, remember to keep boxes, dustbags, authenticity cards, care guides and receipts. Future owners will most likely overlook your bag if it has important condition issues and missing extras.

A good suggestion for reorganizing your closet space is to carefully store, boxes and all, the bags that belong to the season that is ending and only display the ones that you will use for the upcoming season.

You could classify and distribute them according to use:

Short-term travel bags

Shoppers and bags for informal city use

Bags for more formal afternoon events

Night Bags for gala celebrations

Our next post will share some important tips on how to care for your bags. Will see you soon!

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