If you are a lover of luxury handbags, surely this Hermès bag is one of your ideal pieces. It is not surprising, considering that it has been a fashion icon for over than 30 years.


There is a rumor that the origin of the Birkin bag happened on a plane ride when the famous english actress and singer, Jane Birkin and the then – executive director of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas – met. According to the story, during the flight Jane spilled the contents of her bag in front of Jean-Louis and complained that she was not able to find a suitable bag to carry everything she needed for her and her baby. Dumas was immediately inspired to create this iconic and suitable accessory, for modern women, inviting Birkin to collaborate with the brand. This is how fashion history changed forever, giving birth to the Birkin bag in 1984.

Jane with her wicker bag and carrying her daughter in her arms


But what not everyone knows is that the roots of the Hermès’ Birkin bag can be found in the first bag that Émile-Maurice Hermès designed in 1892, the “Haut À Courroies”. For this first design he was inspired by the bags of the “gauchos”, after a trip that Émile-Maurice Hermès made to Argentina. In its beginnings it was created so that riders could carry saddles, stirrups and boots in a more comfortable way.

Little could Mr. Hermès suspect that almost a century later his “Haut a Courroies” would serve as an inspiration for one of the most desired handbags by women in the world of fashion and luxury. Today the house continues to manufacture this bag and is known more as the HAC bag by its acronyms.

The HAC Bag (Haut À Courroies)

We must recognize that Jean-Louis Dumas was very smart when using the HAC as a reference, taking advantage of a functional and elegant design with a more adequate size. It is large enough to travel and the flap and closure prevents the contents from falling off. It is a spacious bag, elegant but with a “casual” design that allows you to wear it with any type of outfit. The Hermès Birkin bag is characterized by its two handles that allow it to be worn by hand or on the wrist, its tripartite flap and a lock on which can be padlocked, for greater safety on trips.


Jane Birkin with one of the bags named after her name

The truth is that the Birkin was a step to modernization for this luxury fashion house. Until then they were only into the classic and traditional style. In fact, it could be said that Jane Birkin played an important role in getting Hermès to take its current place in the fashion world. Thanks to her youthful and carefree look, Hermès opened up to new markets and clients.


Victoria Bekham with a pink Birkin in ostrich skin. There is a rumor that she has over 100 Bikini bags in her collection.

On the other hand, it is important to say that this opening was not instantaneous. Based on its original history it was expected that Birkin’s success would come immediately, but its current fame was not achieved until the 90’s, at the dawn of the so-called “It-Bag”. In fact, the only time the purse appeared in the Vogue magazine was so far in a Hermès ad published in 1989.

The now iconic bag became a status symbol when it was used in a 2001 episode of the famous series Sex and the City. In the episode, Samantha Jones uses one of the names of her famous clients in order to skip the waiting list for the coveted bag. After this was broadcast, Birkin’s real waiting list tripled, consolidating his place as an iconic “It Bag” of the 21st century.



Images of the episode of Sex in New York, in which the Birkin appears. 

Since its creation, the original design has remained virtually unchanged; although it can be found in many different colors and sizes: Birkin bags have been made in more than 20 shades of blue and its dimensions go from the smallest Birkin of 25 cm to the largest of 40 cm.


Birkin sizes

Over the years they have become, not only a status symbol and an essential fashion accessory, but it is even considered one of the best investments that can be made. Some prestigious sources, such as Time magazine, have determined that Birkin bags are actually a better investment than gold and, of course, less risky than stocks.

The value of a Birkin has increased by an average of 14.2 % each year. The Birkin Himalaya bag (so called because its color resembles the famous mountains) became the most expensive bag, sold at auction for $ 379,261.

The Birkin in Himalayan crocodile skin with diamond clasp, the most expensive in history.


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