Although it is true that in recent years winter fashion trends have led to a chromatic richness that we were not used to for this time of the year. But in CBL Bags we still believe that, when buying luxury second-hand bags, it is best to stick to the classic colors that never go out of style.

Winter is a season in which we usually wear more muted and dark colors. And the same happens with accessories, such as handbags. It is undeniable that in this season the king of color is black in all its versions.

This black Timeless bag by Chanel is ideal for the winter season”


Another type of tones that usually work for the coldest days are the chocolate or camel, as well as the beige or elegant cognac.

“This Christian Dior shoulder bag combines perfectly with earth tones and is an original complement for the most bohemian.”

In case you want to add a touch of color, red or green are easy to combine with any other neutral tone. It will for sure give you a more casual look.

“This red elegant Kelly bag by Hermès will enhance and gladden with distinction the darkest days of winter.”

Finally, metallic, gold or silver bags have become essential in this recent years. They harmonize with any color you decide to wear, adding a touch of style and glamour to a simple pair of jeans and a basic top.

“The metallic version of Chanel’s Reissue will give a cold shine to your winter outfits”

In CBL Bags we are experts in selling luxury and second-hand bags. In our catalog, you will be able to find Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton handbags and in the ideal colors to match your best winter outfits.

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