FromGermany and Ireland to Spain…

             s. XIX

             Heinrich Loewe Rössberg: TheGerman who became a Spanish luxury icon

             s. XXI

             Jonathan Anderson: The Irishmanwho has established Loewe as a first liner in the industry

Thanks to Heinrich LoeweRössberg’s dreams, enthusiasm and tenacity, the Spanish firm that still keepsits name is internationally recognized for its craftsmanship and undisputedquality of its leather. In 1892 Heinrich inaugurates E. Loewe and sets up shopon Calle Princesa in Madrid. In 1905, King Alfonso XIII grants the familyEnterprise the title of Provider for the Royal House and five years later, in1910, Loewe opens its first store in Barcelona.

Since then, Heinrich’sdescendants have increased its product portfolio and stretched its geographicboundaries. Fashion, bags, perfumes, they all maintain the firm’s high-qualitystandards and seal of elegance. But since fashion is never stagnant and alwaysflows with the times, Loewe has also shown a sharp sense of innovate timing inresponse to the tastes and needs of its numerous clientele.  

In 1996 upon celebratingits 150th Anniversary, Loewe was bought by the LVMH group. Until then it hascounted with acknowledged creative directors such as Narciso Rodríguez, JoséEnrique Oña Selfa and Stuart Vevers. In October 2013, already established as acommercial empire, Jonathan Anderson was named creative director. 

Irish by birth, Andersonhas attended various design schools in New York and London, founded his own JWAnderson label and celebrated an interesting collaboration with the retailerTopshop, until LVMH hired him as creative director for Loewe.

His designs, like the Lazo and Puzzle collections, already are among the most wanted bags for fashion fans around the world. He has be chosen to preside the fashion jury at the 35th Edition of the International Hyères Festival, 25th to 29th April,  and well known as a launching pad for young designers.