Each day we find ourselves closer to that much desired return to days full of life, of sunshine and spring air. We will meet this new day with a backpack full of reflections, possible adjustments to our priorities and recognition of the greatest values of all: family and friends, while, at the same time, we give a helping hand to those who are lacking.

            But we still have hours at home ahead and each of us invest them in reading, writing, watching interesting movies, cooking, and also organizing our closet to fit the new season. We put away the turtlenecks, pashminas, boots and scarves…

            That space is now occupied with flimsy dresses, White Capri pants, fluffy blouses in pastel colors, the bathing suits, striped espadrilles and wonderful canotiers to protect us from the sun. Meanwhile, why not take the time to organize our bags? In previous blogs we talked about how to store them, now the moment has come to choose the ones we will wear from morning to night, and to select the travel bags that will bear witness to those well-earned leisure weekends… or that longer séjour at places that have special meaning for us.

For those early morning city purchases…

CBL 1495 Hermès Wallet Dogon Duo

“That luxurious object of desire…”: That is how an article published in an important Spanish newspaper described Hermès. It speaks of the Maison’s evolution and of the prestigious place it occupies in the world of luxury fashion. During its 183 years of life, it went from beautifully crafted harnesses and saddles to an extraordinary array of products that respond to the desires, dreams and needs of royals, the beau monde andcelebrities, in general.

Year after year, Chanel continues its exponential growth in sales and in the ranking as favorite among luxury fans worldwide. Its iconic 2.55 model is a must-have for every season, regardless of age or geography. From Coco’s bold fashion statementof women in pants, to the dramatic stories of her childhood and youth, the famous pearl necklaces and her many lovers, everything in Chanel breathes an air of intimacy, elegance and Paris chic.

To speak of what is trendy in the luxury bag industry is to speak of Louis Vuitton. A good example pf this is our Wish List that reflects the volume of clients that are waiting for us to call them and say that we have received their much desired Neverfull, Speedy or Keepall. These models have become the Maison’s pièces de resistance for students, housewives, or executives. Louis Vuitton fans are loyal to the Brand because they know it will always meet their needs for any event, from morning till night.  

CBL 1674 Louis Vuitton Wallet World Tour Twist

1913 marked the beginning of a small family enterprise in Milan called Fratelli Prada. Today, Prada’s clientele is international, with a strong presence in Europe and the United States. It’s known for its ample variety of bags crafted in nylon, much appreciated due to its climate resistance and light weight. But Prada also offers a more formal option: from fun wallets to evening bags, crafted in the brand’s marvelous Saffiano Lux leather.

Do you have a special meeting with clients? Your personal branding also includes the perfect choice of dress and accessories. These speak of your good taste and of the importance you give to your image as a significant part of your identity and offer.

CBL 1566 Chanel Bag Reissue 2.55 Double Flap

Son of Paris’ 12ème arrondissment, Christian Louboutin dreamed of Egypt and Pharaohs, as a child. Many years later he discovered that his biological father was, indeed, an Egyptian. The sensuality and luxury of that ancient civiliation is forever present in his color schemes and the extravagant ornaments applied to his shoes and bags. Louboutin has declared: “I want to break the rules and make women feel confident and empowered.” Clearly, his collections honor that statement.

CBL 1449 Hermès Bag Constance Elan 25

It’s time to relax, and enjoy a lovely dinner with friends…

CBL 1602 Louis Vuitton Bag Twist PM
CBL 1565 Chanel Bag Mini Classic Single Flap Sequins
CBL 1646 Louis Vuitton Travel Bag 55 Bandouliere Damier Graphite
CBL 1480 Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Keepall 50 Nomade

This is also a good moment to decide if you’re lacking a specific bag…or if it’s time to sell us those that you won’t be using anymore. All our bags and small leather goods speak of our commitment to the elegance and craftsmanship of the brands we traditionally offer our clients. At CBL Bags, each bag that we buy, lives the possibility of beginning a second story with its future owner.

En CBL Bags we will be delighted to guide you. Contact us!


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