February 14 is around the corner and we can already feel Valentine’s Day in the air! It’s a day full of chocolates, roses and romantic dinners, although from CBL Bags we propose to celebrate the day of love in a different way.

Valentine’s Day can be a bit hard for those who do not have a partner, as well as for those who have a partner who gives terrible gifts … That’s why this Valentine’s Day we invite you to make yourself a gift, because there is no more important love then self-love. Girls, lets show them that we do not need princes to rescue us with a diamond ring…

So for those modern women with or without a partner, we have found the ideal bag to celebrate this “rebel” Valentine’s day: the romantic interpretation of Louis Vuitton’s Bag “New Wave” collection. It’s a handbag inspired by the musical movement of the 80s and created to celebrate the day of love.

These bags acquire an adorable silhouette in shape of a heart and it is also super practical, being able to be worn in different ways: on the shoulder with its shoulder strap accessory, by hand with its removable handle or on the waist with its loop (that includes on the back for the belt).

They come in three colors: pastel pink, scarlet red and black. The truth is that all of them are very beautiful and trendy, but there is a difference between the pink and red models and the black model. The first two have metallic charms and ornaments, while the black has only the LV emblem in aged gold.

This model meets all the conditions of the trendy handbags: it is a mini bag, its heart shape attracts all eyes and the colors are perfect to match any style, from jeans to the typical black dress to go out at night.

In CBL Bags we are experts to buy and sell second-hand luxury bags and our recommendation is to make yourself this wonderful Valentine’s gift or ask your partner to do so. And if, by any chance you get tired of it someday, here we are to buy it and give the bag a second chance!


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