If you are going to invest in a Hermès, Chanel or Vuitton Limited Edition bag, you want to be sure it will last a lifetime…or more!


We at CBL Bags can immediately appreciate if a bag has been treated with care. Here are some of the tips we can pass on to you so that your bags remain in perfect conditions:

  1. Above all, you must realize that animal skins and precisely the exquisite ones used in luxury bags, require the same care you apply on your face. Skins are organic and in time they tend to crack due to dryness and lose their lustre so you must remember to hydrate them. Each skin is special and particular so your best reference is the maintenance booklet you will find in each bag. Follow the instructions carefully. Please don’t improvise!
  2. Keep them in their cotton dustbags, never in plastic bags or vacuum packed. Your bags need   to breathe!

       3. Just like you don’t expose your artwork to direct sunlight, your bags need to be kept in a dry and dark place. This way you will be sure that they don’t lose color.

        4. If you keep your bags in a storage space, remember to take them out every two or three weeks and let them breathe to avoid mold and remember to keep the small sílice bags, they help to avoid humidity.

        5. Be careful with your denim clothes because they may transfer color to your bags.

        6. Some luxury bags come with rain protectors, but should your bag get wet  never, never try to dry water stains with a hair dryer. The heat will make the skin wrinkle so let the water stain dry naturally at room temp.

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