Hand in hand, from East to West

At CBL Bags we are passionate about the stories our bags tell and about the intimate relationship the most prestigious brands nurture with artists of the same standing and recognition.

The relationship Louis Vuitton has with the art world goes back many years. Artists like Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, Yayoi Kusama, Nicolas Ghesquière and Jeff Koons have all left their mark on Vuitton bags.

There have been many collaboration projects between Western artists and Louis Vuitton. Today, we bring you two of the most successful: Those made with Nicolas Ghesquière and Jeff Koons.

Whenever you see a Louis Vuitton bag with recreations of great art works, you’ll know you are looking  at the “Masters” Collection created by Jeff Koons and based on his large format series “Gazing Ball”, hand-painted reproductions of art works by great masters.

This is Koon´s second successful collaboration with Vuitton and you could say it closed with a flourish since, for the first time in history, the firm allowed an artist to accompany the famous Vuitton Monogram with his own  initials.

This Collection includes art works by François Boucher, Paul Gauguin, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Nicolas Poussin and JMW Turner.

This incredible initiative also includes art works of great classic masters such as Tiziano, Da Vinci and Rubens, among others. You can admire them in a great number of Vuitton bags such as the Neverfull, Speedy and Keepall models that have had great success among Vuitton fans all over the world.

  The tandem Vuitton and Koons has taken great care in showing, once again, the intimate relationship that exists between fashion and art. That is why in the interior of each bag you will find embossed the biography and portrait of  the masters whose art work has been recreated.

…The proud legacy. The inspiring history that looks to the future and to the world. The search for authenticity and innovation. The desire for timelessness…


These words, pronounced by Nicolas Ghesquière when he took charge of Louis Vuitton’s Women’s Collections,  are witness to  the  Vuitton philosophy of upholding the banner of tradition while looking to the future, ensuring the innovations the passing of time requires.

It is not the first time a fashion accessory takes center stage at the presentation of a new Collection. Such is the case when Ghesquière presented the new Petite Malle bag based on Vuitton’s iconic trunks. Following its debut during the Spring Fashion Week showing, it became the season´s favorite for the brand´s fans. 

Under the scrutiny of film celebrities like Jennifer Connelly, Sienna Miller or Emma Stone, Ghesquière has presented his Collection Cruise 2019, that include bags that pay hommage to the 60’s expecting to add a new group of followers to his already numerous family of fans: the cat lovers.









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