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Among handbag collectors, a custom-made Hermès bag is considered the ultimate status symbol. Custom-made pieces, known as HSS bags, feature a special horseshoe stamp to the left of the Hermès stamp inside the bag. The emblem might be petite, but it increases the value of the bag significantly.

The original sketch of the Birkin bag was made by Jane Birkin on an airplane sick bag and gave it to Jean-Louis Dumas, Hermès CEO, who just happened to be the passenger in the seat next to hers.

Among other colors, Birkins come in 20 shades of blue. Each Birkin bag takes 2 days to make and each Hermès artisan owns a personal tool set and that they are also entitled to take it with them after their retirement.

Jane Birkin uses one Birkin at a time until she wears it out and then auctions it with the profits going to charity. However, Victoria Beckham is said to own more than 100 Birkin bags.

The story behind the brand’s name is that it was actually the last name of the founder of the brand, but the name also refers to the Greek god of messengers and commerce.

The Hermès Paris store on rue de Sèvres has a café and bookstore inside … and also the only shop to have dedicated space to the Petit H Collection, the firm’s initiative to promote young designers.

The famous Hermès orange box received the packaging Oscar in 1994 and that today there are about 188 sizes of orange folding boxes.

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