CBL Bags dedicates this month to Chanel!

The news of Karl Lagerfeld´s death, better known as the “Fashion Kaiser” and creative spirit of Chanel since 1983, inspired us to tell the story of one of the brand´s most representative bags that revolutionized the concept of luxury bags, the Chanel Timeless.


Beyond our business of buying and selling luxury bags, at CBL Bags we love and enjoy all thing exquisite. The bags we buy have their own story and getting to know it makes us part of that creative moment and the muse that inspired their creators, as is the case of Coco Chanel when she put pencil to paper to design the Timeless model, also known as 2.55 because it refers to the month and year it was created.

Fashion flows and changes with time, and the original design of the flap 2.55 could not be the exception. Lagerfeld´s arrival at Chanel presented one of the main characteristics that differs from the original Timeless: the lock with Coco Chanel´s original double CC logo.

 Lagerfeld´s magic is evident in the fact that the double CC is one of the principle characteristics associated with Chanel bags, even though it was never designed by Coco. The original lock used by Coco on her bags was known as Mademoiselle and it´s said that it received this name due to the fact that she never married.

But this bag has some variations that a true lover of luxury handbags should know like CBL Bags which is dedicated to buy and sell luxury bags. But in addition to the iconic lock, the Timeless model shares other features with the 2.55 model that are hallmarks of Chanel bags.


Chain handles

What was behind Coco´s eternal need to innovate? Marked by an independent and avant-garde spirit, she used fashion to advocate for women´s freedom. This was one of the reasons that led her to design a bag with double chain handles that would allow it to be carried on the forearm as well as hanging from the shoulder. After its debut, it became a symbol not only of social status, but also of a new way to carry a handbag.

The first Chanel handbags always featured chain straps. However, as the years passed, the chains were interlaced with leather due to the lack of resources during World War II. Today, you can find both versions – with or without interlaced leather.

The double flap

Coco, was always looking for a comfortable and elegant style and took inspiration from men´s fashion, especially from her lovers´clothes. Proof of this is the flap on the 2.55 and Timeless that represents pocket flaps on the jackets worn by Boy Capel, her most beloved lover.

The burgundy interiors

Chanel handbags have life stories to tell. Coco used burgundy interiors in honor of the uniform worn in the orphanage during her childhood. Although it is not the only color, one can say it is the genuine one.

The hidden zipper compartment

Most of the Timeless have a hidden zipper. Oddly enough, this is not a common feature in many other bags. The story goes that Chanel used this compartment to hide her love letters. Every time CLB Bags buys a vintage 2.55 , we look carefully inside hoping to find one of Coco´s lost love letters…

The quilted leather

Although not all Timeless models have quilted leather, it is a common feature in many of them. Again, Chanel was able to transform a material used for men into a stylish and practical accessory. As always, it is delightful to learn the origin of her inspiration. In this case, she took inspiration for her design from the clothes worn by the stable hands.

How to distinguish the Timeless bag from other similar models

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Timeless design is an evolution of 2.55, and the latter was reissued in 2005 to commemorate the anniversary. So, sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between them, that’s why we end today’s article with some basic tips to differentiate them.

2.55: refers to the flap bag with Mademoiselle closure, but is often used to refer to all flap or double flap bags that feature the traditional design of the brand. It was designed by Coco in February 1955.

Timeless: refers to the model with the double C closure designed by Karl Lagerfield in the 80’s.

Reissue: Exact reissue of the original version of the 2.55 released in 2005 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its appearance. It is often used, mistakenly, 2.55 to refer to the Reissue. The difference is that the 2.55 is the original model of the 50s and the Reissue refers only to those created from 2005 on.

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