If luxury handbags have something in favor, it is that they maintain their value in the second-hand market. At CBL Bags we are experts in buying designer and second-hand bags, and here are the main reasons why our customers decide to choose us:

1. Space
Is your wardrobe about to explote? Then selling those bags you don’t use anymore. Remember that what you are selling may be what another person is searching for. Besides, if you are a passionate collector, we are sure that your eyes are already on your next purchase.

2. Style
You received a beautiful present, tired to give it a chance but didn’t used it yet, not even once? Don’t worry! There is nothing wrong with the idea of selling it and buying something else that you would actually like. Give the bag a chance to have a new story…

3. Money
Either you need the money or you want to buy something else, selling a luxury bag is a perfect option to get money back while it maintains its value.

4. Sentimental Break up
It’s not a delightful reason but sometimes, after a rupture, selling all these kinds of things that make you remember allow us to close the circle and move on.

In conclusion, this are some of the reasons why people choose to sell a luxury bag. However, the important thing is that you make sure that the place where you sell it can be trusted: the price that they offer you is right and, most importantly, that they have other stunning bags to buy too!

In CBL Bags we are specialized in buying and selling bags of main luxury brands such as Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton; and we are aware of all the prices in the second-hand market.
The company was born in 2015 with already over 30 years of experience in antique art and collection pieces. This is why we can ensure you that the process with us will always be fast, safe and reliable.

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